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These are all real testimonials of our customers. If you have spend some days with us and want to e-mail us yours we will be happy and proud to upload it. Thanks!


  "Another fantastic tour with Carles. This is now our third. My wife and I went in June to the Lleida valley and north into the Pyrenees for 4 days. This was 4 days of great birding in stunning, and very different, habitats - from the hot, dry, steppes to cold mountain slopes.
    Every day we saw great birds: a Dupont’s Lark in song-flight, a Lammergeier feeding about 30 metres down the slope, an adult Eagle Owl with two juveniles flying near the nest, a Common Rock Thrush tussling with a Red-backed Shrike, Black-bellied Sandgrouse on the road just ahead of us, with Pin-tailed Sandgrouse and Stone Curlew with a chick just beside the road, 2 Quail flying away from us down a hillside whilst we watched Ortolan Bunting.
    Birding with Carles is like birding with a friend who knows where all the birds are and how to identify them and makes every effort to make sure you get a great view of the bird.  When we went, my wife was recovering from an operation on her knee and had some trouble walking, but Carles made sure she did not miss a thing. A great tour with a great guide."

Kim & Sean Ashton. England, United Kingdom     June, 2018        Customized 4-days Tour


   "Thank you Carles for a very good birding trip. Your enthusiasm and knowledge are great. We especially appreciated your guidance in identifying some of the species and your explanations of their local abundance and habitat. Your quick speed in getting the scope on a bird gave us some excellent views. You knew where to find the birds and often drew comparions to our local species in the US which we found very informative.

     The four days were well planned. You did a lot of driving and translating of menus as well!! We got a small insight into Catalan history which we appreciated. We would love to come back someday.

      With great memories of Wallcreeper and Lammergeier! "

  Dwight & Ann Chasar. Ohio, US     4th October, 2016      Customized 4-days Tour


   "Our four days with Carles were everything we could have hoped for and more. Not only does Carles have the knowledge and skills to find the birds but has a wealth of background information not only regarding the wildlife but also the environment. He was also able to give information about local history. We thoroughly enjoyed his companion socially and found the accommodation provided very good."

   Derek Burchell & Adrianne Hurndell. Essex, England, United Kingdom   12th January, 2016      Customized 4-days to Pyrenees & Ebro Delta


     "It was a real pleasure to be out with Carles, it felt like we were birding with a friend, but a friend with great knowledge of Catalan birds and where to find them. We were so impressed, and not only with your skill at finding birds, but that you were able to remain so enthusiastic and full of energy.

     We will never forget that day high in the Pyrenees, the Lammergeier soaring in the sky above us, the Rock Thrush right beside the car, the 25 Bee-eaters just above our heads moving up the valley on migration, Citril Finches and Rock Buntings among the few trees in the hillside, and so much more.  Nor will we ever forget the Little Bustards displaying in the wheat fileds, nor the beautiful Pin-tailed Sandgrouse (and nearly as beautiful Black-bellied Sandgrouse) in the semi-desert, the Black Wheatear amongst the rocks, or the Golden Eagle distracting us from the Penduline Tits.

     Kim and I just want to thank you for shraring Catalonia and its birds with us. We could not have wished for a more charming and hard working guide, and we very much hope to go birding with you again some day." 

   Kim & Sean Ashton. England, United Kingdom     27th April 2015   Customized 3-days trip


     "Albert is extremely knowledgeable about a wide rande of things including birding in general, bird taxonomy, the fauna and flora in Europe and Spanish history. He has an excellent ear for bird calls and is a first-class bird guide. He went out of his way to make my birding trip really fantastic. I am pleased to recommend Albert as a bird guide to everyone."

    Don MacGillivray. Cape City, South-Africa     20th March 2015     Raptors & Steppe birds 2-days trip


     "We both were thrilled with all three days of Carles leadership. Carles was extremely knowledgeable about which species we could find where, led us admirably to the vast majority of birds on our list if they existed this time of year and did it all with enthusiasm and very pleasant company. I had close to 90 life birds and Louise who birds Europe much more has 20. I would confidently and cheerfully recommend Barcelona Birding Point to other birders!

     Pearl Broder & Louise Fraza. New York, USA   28th July 2014     Customized 3-days trip


    "Four days vacation with my family in Barcelona only left me little time for birding. The one full day on my own therefore had to be spend efficiently. So I found Barcelona Birding Point and Carles Oliver on the internet. By the way a good and clear website!

    Bad weather-conditions in the Pyrenees on July 26th made us chance plans. Carles showed great flexibility and we went for steppe birds in Los Monegros instead of high mountain birds. I didn't expect much from a late (and hot) July trip. But Carles guiding and knowledge of the area gave us a lot of good birds e.g. most of the larks, both Black-bellied & Pin-tailed Sandgrouses, Spectacled and Orphean Warblers, Golden Eagle, Black Wheatear...

     I have only good things to say about Carles' communication before and after our day trip as well as his guiding during the day. Carles is good company and I can highly recommend Barcelona Birding Point."

     Torben Sebro. HaslevDenmark. 26th July 2014     Customized 1-day trip to Los Monegros  


    "In May 2014 my wife and I joined a group of birdwatchers for the Catalonia & Aragó Grand Tour 2014. Carles Oliver accompanied us in Pyrenees, Los Monegros steppes and Llobregat & Ebro deltas. It was a wonderful week, exceeding our expectations.

    Each and every day Carles showed an excellent level of knowledge of birds and lead us throughtout places, where we really watched attractive species, including Little Bustard, Red-necked Nightjar, Bearded Vulture and many other. He was always doing his best and he was incredibly capable of predicting the probability of watching certain species, e.g. Golden Eagle. I definitely recommend Carles Oliver as one of the best guides I have ever met."

     Jan Legner. Prague, Czech Republic. 11th May 2014      Catalonia & Aragó Grand Tour


    "Our first day in Barcelona was spent birdwatching with Carles near the city, and it was a great way to start our trip! He picked us up at our B&B exactly on time and we headed off for the Llobregat Delta. Carles has an excellent knowledge of English and other languages, and uses his spotting scope with great speed and expertise. He has a very thorough knowledge of the birds and can locate them very well by their calls. He also told us about many of the plants and the natural history of the area. We saw 65 species of birds that morning! The flamingoes, white storks and a hoopoe were highlights for us. He is an excellent guide and I highly recommend him!"

     Betty Cooper. San Francisco, California (USA). 18th April 2014     Llobregat Delta 1/2 Day Itinerary


   "Thank you again for the great birding trip. Your enthusiasm, friendliness, knowledge and personal service is appreciated. Its amazing the number of birds we saw within such a short distance to the city of Barcelona.

   I hope there is the will and means to preserve this river delta area for nature and people to enjoy. After weeks of city excursions to historic buildings, restaurants and busy streets, your birding trip added an enjoyable natural dimension to my stay in Spain."

      Elaine Kazakoff. British Columbia, Canada. 4th April 2014      Wetlands & Wheatears 1-day Itinerary


    "Have just returned after spending a wonderful 4 days in the steppes/Los Monegros region. The area was a total surprise and provided good quality of bird life. Carles was an excellent guide knowing the area like the back of his hand and being a wonderful spotter of birds as well as being good company.

    There were many highlights on the trip and these included Hen Harrier, Golden Eagle, Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Penduline Tit, Griffon Vulture and Great Bustard to name just a few. I look forward to my autumn trip to the Pyrenees."

     Colin Richards. Stratford-upon-Avon, England. 10th to 13th March 2014     Birding in Los Monegros 4-days Itinerary


   "We spent a great day with Carles, exploring the Steppe region. Carles Oliver was highly professional, attentive to our wishes, and planned the day accordingly. His knowledge of the area must be second to none. He knows where to find all the birds – not just the rough area, but which particular fields.

He would say, “ok, what should we see next, Black Wheatear or Roller?” Having selected Roller he drove us to a particular field and five minutes later we were looking at a Roller! This happened repeatedly throughout the day. He taught us many things as well as showing us the birds: ID features to look for to differentiate similar species, habitat, and conservation issues. We also learnt fieldcraft from watching him: eg when to ‘chase’ a bird; the importance of understanding terrain and habitat.

Half way through the day he spotted a Stone Curlew with broken wing. He carefully retrieved the bird and arranged to have it picked up from the local police station, giving it the best chance of survival.

The list of birds we saw is too long to list here but highlights included 11 species of raptor (including great views of Egyptian and Griffon Vultures, Montagu´s Harriers, and Honey Buzzard), Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Roller, Golden Oriole, Stone Curlew, Black-eared Wheatear, Iberian Grey Shrike and Crested Tit. It was a fantastic day and one we will never forget"

   Yan & Luke Yiannakou. Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. 25th August 2013.     Customized 1-day Itinerary


     "I spent my holidays in june/july 2013 in Catalonia and I chose Barcelona Birding Point and Carles Oliver this year for my 3 birding trips (Pyrennees, Steppes Los Monegros & Mediterranean coast) . It was a really good choice (and I can compare with other birding guides based in Barcelona...). Carles is a professionnal guide with a very good knowledge of both the English language and the names of the birds (also in latin that helped me), and especially with a perfect orientation in the terrain and birding areas. About 150 species in 3 days, it is a very good result especially if including great sights at Wallcreeper, Common Rock Thrush, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Roller, Little Bustard and many other!!

Friendly approach and communication what I appreciate very much. Also reasonable prices. I was very satisfied and I will come back..."

     Frantisek Pochmon. Prague, Czech Republic. Late June-early July, 2013.       Tchequie Tour Travel Agency


     "My wife and I just completed a wonderful 5 day trip with Carles Oliver. Carles is an excellent naturalist, a superb companion and a truly excellent organizer and guide.

All aspects of our trip were handled with a tremendous amount of care and professionalism. During planning, Carles was extremely patient and helpful. He was receptive to our ideas and gave us clear expectations about what we could see and do given our schedule and interests. He planned the perfect trip for what we wanted.

During the tour itself, Carles was reliable, punctual, kind, enthusiastic and above all, an expert field biologist. He seems to know the exact location of every good bird in Catalonia. We saw the big 4 targets (2 bustards, 2 sandgrouse) in our first 24 hours and got almost everything else we were looking for because of his excellent preparation and local knowledge. Further, our vehicle was well maintained and clean and he selected excellent accommodations for us along the way.

We had several truly memorable experiences on the trip. Of particular note were the incredible night trip to find owls and nightjars and our stay in the Pyrenees where we had excellent hikes and lovely accommodation at Cal Calsot.

Without reservations, we recommend Carles' services."

     Douglas & Catherine Ruff. Pennsylvania, US. May 31th to June 4th, 2013.     4-days Birding in the Pyrenees plus 1 day for Steppe birds


      "Amigo had the honour to meet and work with the crew from Barcelona Birding Point in April 2013. It has been an incredible experience for both sides, and we are more than happy to say that the video shoot was accomplished successfully.

Carles and Ivan are amazing people, with lots of knowledge, expertise and fantastic spirit. They seemed to know the area upside down, always offering different solutions and locations. We couldn't have achieved what we have without their great assistance and help. Without any hesitation, we recommend Barcelona Birding Point as your next step to your dream wild life location in Catalonia and Spain! "

     Amigo Digital Limited. London, England. April-May 2013.     Wildlife and landscape locations for Worldwide Canon shoot


    "I spent an excellent day with Carles in his one-day itinerary in April, he was a superb guide, very accommodating and knowledgeable , and showed me an amazing range of 112 species of birds. I would highly recommend his services." (read +)

     Jonathan Mercer. Oxford, England. April 19th, 2013.     Wetlands & Wheatears 1-day Itinerary


     “My wife and I spend two days with Carles, one in the local steppes and one in the general area of the Llobregat. He is a really nice guy and complements his deep local birding knowledge with an easy style and charm.

Carles was always happy to try a new location and made sure that we both got good views of all the birds he uncovered for us. Special mention to a flock of Rock Sparrows that we pursued relentlessly in the midday heat and saw spectacularly once they had settled! The Rock Thrush, the vast array of warblers and especially the fantastic two hours at the hide at the Llogregat are never to be forgotten. Thanks Carles, I’ll be back in the winter for Snow Finch & Wallcreeper!”

     Ciaran Meegan. Dublin, Ireland. April 11th & 14th, 2013.     Wetlands & Wheatears and Steppe & more 1-day Itineraries


     "On April 2nd 2013 we did a day-tour with Barcelona Birding Point visiting Los Monegros steppes, a restored wetland in Lleida and a beautiful spot closer to Barcelona. Carles is an excellent guide and great company. We saw 77 species of birds that day. Having spent a week birding in Catalonia last year it was a challenge to find new lifers for us but Carles managed it: Penduline Tits building its nest! Other highlights were both species of Sandgrouse, Short-toed and Bonelli's Eagles, singing Dupont's Larks, a beautiful flock of Red-billed Choughs, Western Black-eared- and Black Wheatears, Great-spotted Cuckoo and Stone Curlew. All of it in a spectacular setting of beautiful landscapes. We will be back for more."

      Bauke Kortleve. Amsterdam, The Nederlands. April 2nd, 2013.     Customized 1-day Itinerary


     "I've come back from a 12 days tour in Morocco led by Carles. The tour has been fantastic. I've seen almost all species targeted with great sights to Black-crowned Tchagra, Double-Spurred Francolin, Thick-billed Lark, Desert Sparrow and Bonelli's Eagle among many other. I would highly recommend him for his deep knowledge of the birds and the country and also for his pleasent personality".

     Andrzej Borowiak. Poznan, Poland. March 26th, 2013.     Customized tour through Morocco


     "In December 2012 I was in the 7-days long Ebro Basin in Winter Tour. I enjoyed the tour very much. It was well-organized and informative. We watched almost all birds from the planned list with great views of Wallcreeper, Great Bustard, Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Lammergeier and Moustached Warbler among many other. Carles Oliver is a very competent guide with a deep knowledge on species and places to see them. The tour was also very comfortable, with optimal route, good accomodation and tasty local food."

      Anna Danilova. Moscow, Russian Federation. December 20th, 2012.     Ebro Basin in Winter Tour


     "I have returned from a multi-day Catalonia & Aragon Grand Tour in Spain with Barcelona Birding Point, led by Carles Oliver. I so thoroughly enjoyed myself that I wanted to take the iniciative and write a very positive recommendation. The Tour visited three habitats that were clearly selected to show off the beauty and diversity in and around Catalonia and, more importantly, to produce the maximum number of bird species -the Ebro Delta (wetlands), Los Monegros (steppes) and the Pyrenees (hills and mountains).

As a mostly a "New World" based birder, most of the close to 200 species resident and migrant birds that I saw were new for me, but I also appreciated the fact that I saw many birds that are not easily seen such as Bonelli's Eagle, Little and Great Bustards, Sandgrouses, Eleonora's Falcon, and Red-footed Falcon.

Carles led the tour with great skill. He has a mastery of bird songs and calls, has an intimate knowledge of the most productive areas, and he is exceedingly persistent and patient in getting sightings. These qualities along with his very pleasant personality made the trip enjoyable in every respect".

     Jerome H. Black. Mont-real, Quebec, Canada. May 31th, 2012.     Catalonia & Aragon Grand Tour


     "Carles led a fantastic, one-day tour of the Steppes region in April 2012. We saw every one of my target species with great looks at Little Bustard, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Little Owl, Little Crake as well as raptors, larks, shorebirds and warblers. Carles set the proper tone and pace for the tour, maximizing every opportunity to see as many birds as possible as seeing each well. He matched a good knowledge of the birds and where to find them with a pleasant personality that I found engaginband enjoyable. I recommend him highly."

        Bruce Stevenson. New York, US. April 11th, 2012.     1-day Steppe & more Itinerary