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day trips from Barcelona 1-Day Itineraries

Best guided one-day birding trips around Barcelona.

Whether you visit the city for business or pleasure you can enjoy a quick trip out the city to discover magnificient Mediterranean landscapes and an endless variety of birds with Barcelona Birding Point!

By booking one of these itineraries you can ensure at least 70 species of birds in one day all year round. Featured birds vary throughout the year but you'll always find a good variety of them. Little Bustard, Purple Swamphen, Calandra Lark, Bonelli's Eagle, Citril Finch and Lammergeier are resident species while others such as European Bee-eater, Little Bittern, Golden Oriole, Audouin's Gull, Western Orphean Warbler, European Roller, Rock Thrush and Lesser Kestrel are arriving in spring. Winter "must" species includes Yelkouan Shearwater, Hawfinch, Snow Finch and Wallcreeper .

All of this along with commoner species such as the elusive Sardinian Warbler, the perky Crested Tit, the whitish Bonelli's Warbler, the European Serin and its explosive songs or the restless Zitting Cisticola.

Whether you visit Barcelona for work or pleasure, it is worth visiting our awesome selection of birding hot-spots!!

Montserrat; the iconic mountain

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Pyrenees in Spring

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Steppe birds & more

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Pyrenees in Winter

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Llobregat Delta & scrublands

Birdwatching in Barcelona. Barcelona is the city with the highest variety of birdlife in Spain…

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Barcelona Birding Point does only focus on BIRDS?
Despite we mainly focus on birds, we are also pasionate about butterflies, reptiles, mammals, amphibians and wild flowers. 


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As no bad trucks are included in our itineraries everybody can easily drive on them. In addition, a  discount will be applied



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